Industrial Spherical Roller Bearings

They have limited speed tolerating capacity and hence they are used in vibrators, shakers,conveyors, speed reducers, transmissions, and other heavy machinery. These spherical bearings are manufactured in varying radial thickness and axial widths to accommodate different loads. They not only can carry radial loads but can also carry axial load in two directions. Bearing House […]

Industrial Spherical Bearings

Industrial Spherical Bearings are designed for harsh industrial applications that require a larger bore size. It is used for managing the high radial loads even in extreme conditions and helps in reducing the downtime whilst extending the maintenance cycles and increasing productivity. Bearing House offers our clients with a wide range of Industrial Spherical Bearings. […]

Double Row Spherical Roller Bearings

Double row Spherical Roller Bearings consists of a plain bearing, with a ball pushing, inside a cylindrical housing. It is used to different load capacity, lubrication requirement, high alternating loads, very high radial loads and high sock loading. Bearing House offers our clients with a wide range of Double row Spherical Roller Bearings. We also […]

Heavy Duty Spherical Roller Bearings

Bearing house offers to his with a qualitative range of Heavy Duty Spherical Roller Bearings. These products are used to capable managing high radial loads even at times when misalignment, poor lubrication, contamination, extreme speeds or critical application stresses are present. Bearing House offers our clients with a wide range of Heavy Duty Spherical Roller […]