A pillow block, also known as a plummer block or bearing housing, is a pedestal used to provide support for a rotating shaft with the help of compatible bearings & various accessories. Housing material for a pillow block is typically made of cast iron or cast steel.

Bearing House trades in high export quality Pillow Block Bearings. Our range is a combination of a bearings and a housing of high-grade cast iron or pressed steel. These are made available in various shapes and consist of high-grade grease, which runs for longer period.

  • Pillow-Block-Bearings-001
  • Pillow-Block-Bearings-002
  • Pillow-Block-Bearings-005
  • Pillow-Block-Bearings-009
  • Pillow-Block-Bearings-006
  • Pillow-Block-Bearings-004

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