Laser Thermometer

Laser-ThermometerLaser Tachometer is a non-contact instrument designed to sense the presence or absence of a reflective surface in its optical beam. A TTL signal is asserted whenever a reflective surface is placed within its field of view. The signal may be used with a counter or spectrum analyser to sense linear translation, rpm or transient vibrations.

Laser Tachometer is designed to meet the needs of the industrial user as well as for laboratory use. The ability to mount the electronics up to several hundred meters from the optical head gives the user sensing capability in harsh environmental conditions. Use of existing display equipment as a readout device provides additional savings to the user.

Laser Tachometer provides ease of use with a visible laser source (670 nm) for targeting and no need for special reflective tape. Targets can be generated by any CAD software and printed in black/white form on any standard office laser printer. Options include a right angle adapter and custom fibre optic cable lengths.